Best Practices in Edible and Cannabis-Infused Manufacturing

Best Practices in Edible and Cannabis-Infused Manufacturing

A recent report on the cannabis-infused edible products market suggests that market size of the booming industry will grow by $22.18 billion USD between 2020-2024. This skyrocketing popularity in cannabis-infused products is due to several factors, including growing social acceptance of cannabis, increasing evidence pointing to a wide range of health benefits associated with CBD and technological advancements in the infused products field.

While this growth is good news for manufacturers eager to ramp up production of cannabis-infused edibles and other products, it is critical that these companies have the tools in place to manage business growth.

That’s where Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software built for the cannabis industry comes in. ERP solutions that merge food-specific functionality with cannabis-specific ones help infused-products manufacturers gain visibility into operations and ensure they remain compliant, efficient and profitable.

Why Industry-Specific Matters

Cannabis-infused manufacturing is heavily regulated and the margin for error is incredibly slim, which is why it’s essential that companies have a systematic and organized approach to business operations.

The benefits of utilizing an industry-specific solution in infused-manufacturing to connect departments, data and processes into a single system include:

  • Operations are streamlined and more efficient
  • Overhead costs are reduced
  • Financial decisions can be made in confidence using real-time data
  • Compliance is easily attained using product traceability and recall functionality

Cannabis-infused manufacturing shares some commonalities with food and beverage manufacturing when it comes to recipe management, traceability and packaging. A software solution that is built with features of both industries helps manufacturers address compliance and safety challenges, manage costs and improve visibility.

Hear from our Cannabis Experts

CannaBusiness ERP comes equipped with all the functionality needed to run a successful cannabis manufacturing business. It is designed by cannabis and technology experts with years of experience in both the food and cannabis industries.

Register for our upcoming webinar on February 24, 2021 to learn more about best practices in edibles and cannabis-infused manufacturing and receive an exclusive first look at our newest downloadable resource, “A Cannabis-Infused Product Manufacturer’s Guide to Integrated Software.”

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • The challenges facing our cannabis-infused products customers
  • How our customers have managed risk in this ever-changing industry
  • A demo of how CannaBusiness ERP software helps infused manufacturers manage their cannabis operations

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