Edibles and Infused

Edibles and Infused

Edibles and Infused

CannaBusiness ERP is software purpose-built for cannabis companies. It is built in Sage X3 and configured by NexTec industry experts to deliver a complete cannabis business solution. It includes the features our cultivation and processing customers use to run some of the industry’s most respected cannabis organizations.

How It Works

Edibles and infused-product manufacturers require software that merges cannabis-specific features with food and beverage-specific ones to help users can gain control and visibility throughout the production process and support compliance.

With years of experience in both the food and cannabis industries, our CannaBusiness ERP experts understand the complexities of each industry and how they merge in cannabis-infused manufacturing. 

CannaBusiness ERP comes equipped with all the functionality needed to run a successful edibles and infused-product business, offering the following benefits:

  • Operations are streamlined and simplified
  • Overhead costs are reduced
  • Financial and operational decisions can be made with confidence using real-time data
  • Companies can shift as consumer demand or compliance regulations change
  • Product traceability can earn consumer and vendor confidence
  • Product recalls can be initiated in minutes
  • Companies can learn more about their customers to tailor product offerings and maximize revenue

Production Sequencing

Learn how CannaBusiness ERP utilizes a powerful sequencing tool to simplify production scheduling and minimize production line setup.

CannaBusiness ERP in Action

Pure Greens

Pure Greens

Pure Greens was purpose-built to be a scalable provider for a diverse array of OEM cannabis and cannabis-based products. From its inception, the company has been committed to compliance, quality, reliability and operational excellence.

To help manage its extensive growth and 95,000 square feet of greenhouse space, which is separated between two locations, the team at Pure Greens began looking for an industry-specific ERP solution to replace its disparate homegrown systems. 

Since going live on CannaBusiness ERP, Pure Greens has increased revenue and production, gained a 360° view of its operations and added an additional greenhouse.

Key Functionality

Seed to Sale

Manage plant scheduling, production and processing with full traceability.

Product Recall Readiness

Perform recall at a moments notice to preserve customer safety and wellbeing.

Single platform to manage your Cannabis Business

Understanding our inputs, our costs and our outputs, what works, what doesn’t that’s where CannaBusiness ERP becomes a central conduit.
Sterling Stoudenmire
President and CEO, Pure Greens
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