Introducing the Latest Version of CannaBusiness ERP, Software for the Evolving Cannabis Industry

latest version of cannabusiness erp

As the cannabis industry matures, attention is shifting from establishing market share and spending money on research and development towards ensuring operational efficiency and long-term success. As part of this maturation, cannabis companies will require sophisticated tools to remain competitive, better manage cash flow, keep production on track and achieve profitability.

We’re excited to introduce the latest version of CannaBusiness ERP, which includes even more industry-specific features designed to help you optimize your cannabis cultivation and processing business. CannaBusiness ERP comes equipped with all the latest features required to keep up with evolving industry challenges and to help you stay ahead of your competition.

Features to Manage your Cultivation and Processing Business

CannaBusiness ERP includes the features our leading cannabis customers use to run their operations. The software is built to address industry trends and to answer the need for a cannabis-specific solution that is user-friendly, flexible and ensures full traceability and compliance.

We’re continuing to invest in the usability of the software and the overall user experience. Here’s a look at some of the industry-critical features included in our latest release:

1. Flexibility for Cultivators and Processors

Cannabis cultivation companies operate much differently than processors, which is a why a one-size-fits-all approach to cannabis ERP can end up costing your business more money, time and effort. CannaBusiness ERP supports the needs of cultivators and processors and is flexible enough to adapt to a business’ individual operational processes.

For cultivators, CannaBusiness ERP offers the following features:

  • Comprehensive crop management functionality, including clone propagation tracking and visibility into replanting, trellising and administering nutrients and treatments
  • Harvest management, which allows users to capture a variety of material weights including wet weights, bin weights and detail weights
  • Stock process functionality, which accounts for inventory waste and captures inventory adjustments for regulatory reporting

On the processing side, CannaBusiness ERP includes features that merge cannabis-specific requirements with food-specific ones to address challenges in cannabis edibles and infused-manufacturing. Production sequencing functionality and standalone harvest and waste processes give processors control and visibility throughout the production process, ensuring that they can produce the highest-quality products while remaining compliant.

2. Enhanced Data Visibility

More data doesn’t necessarily mean more insight. Many companies struggle to sort through the noise of their operational and financial data to isolate and track the metrics that really matter. CannaBusiness ERP provides users with a complete cost breakdown for more visibility into the health of the business as a whole. Robust functionality that accounts for daily cost allocations, shortages and consumption arms leaders with the actionable insight they need to make better decisions.

3. New Processes for Fertigation

Cannabis businesses need end-to-end management of their operations to be successful. CannaBusiness ERP supports every aspect of a company’s processes, including cultivation, harvest, waste and more. Now, users can also manage their fertigation activities with features such as zone tracking, tank fill and cleanout management, comingling traceability and costing to help in your overall fertigation planning and operation.

4. More Intuitive Features

To get the most from ERP software, it’s critical that users have the tools to feel empowered and encouraged to use their systems to their fullest potential.

In our latest release, we’ve added configuration tools to account for various use cases and created more dedicated workbenches to make it easier to access and interact with your data. With a simplified and personalized user experience, businesses can improve company performance and gain even more value from their investment.

For more information on the latest version of CannaBusiness ERP, download our product deep-dive eBook or reach out to us. To learn how a purpose-built ERP solution can transform your cannabis business, register for our upcoming webcast on Building and Running a Thriving Cannabis Cultivation Business, featuring first-hand insights from the CEO of Pure Greens.

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