Pure Greens

Pure Greens

NexTec Group implemented CannaBusiness ERP which quadrupled production, added multi-site capabilities, and helped the company reach $20 million in revenue.

About Pure Greens

Pure Greens is a growing cannabis supplier on the Arkansas River in Salida, Colorado. The company was purpose-built to be a scalable provider for a diverse array of OEM cannabis and cannabis-based products. From its inception, the company has been committed to compliance, quality, reliability and operational excellence.


Main functionalities

Brings clarity to unusable data

CannaBusiness ERP provides Pure Greens with an in-depth look at data across the board, including financials, traceability, inventory and waste. The company is no longer in a data black hole, and can make informed business decisions using information from the software.

Ability to expand facilities

CannaBusiness ERP’s multisite capabilities allowed Pure Greens to add a new greenhouse, more than doubling its total square footage. The company went from producing 1200 pounds of cannabis a year to over 8000 pounds a year after software implementation.

Key Results

Increased revenue to $4 million, post-expansion expected revenue $20 million

Increased annual production from 1200 lbs in 2014 to 8000 lbs in 2018 and 20,000 lbs by 2020

CannaBusiness ERP has allowed for a 360° view of operations and easier, faster new product launches

Pure Greens was able to add another greenhouse using CannaBusiness ERP’s multi-site capability

Understanding our inputs, what are costs and our outputs, what works, what doesn’t, that’s where CannaBusiness ERP becomes a central conduit.
Sterling Stoudenmire
President and CEO, Pure Greens
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