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Pure Greens

About Pure Greens

Pure Greens was purpose-built to be a scalable provider for a diverse array of OEM cannabis and cannabis-based products. From its inception, the company has been committed to compliance, quality, reliability and operational excellence.

To help manage its extensive growth and 95,000 square feet of greenhouse space, which is separated between two locations, the team at Pure Greens began looking for an industry-specific ERP solution to replace its disparate homegrown systems.


The Solution

The Pure Greens team knew which major obstacles within the organization needed to be addressed and knew ERP software was the right choice. What they lacked, however, was the right technology partner with knowledge of the cannabis space to help solve specific cannabis manufacturer voids.

The team turned to NexTec Group and its extensive experience working with clients in the cannabis industry. This deep industry knowledge, client services expertise and the robust capabilities of the company’s CannaBusiness ERP solution, which is built on the Sage X3 platform, made for a winning combination to match Pure Greens’ continued quest for growth and expansion.

Key Results

Increased revenue to $4 million, post-expansion expected revenue $20 million

Increased annual production from 1,200 lbs in 2014 to 8,000 lbs in 2018 and 20,000 lbs by 2020

Gained a 360° view of operations and easier, faster new product launches

Added an additional greenhouse using CannaBusiness ERP’s multi-site capability

Main functionalities

Brings clarity to unusable data

CannaBusiness ERP provides Pure Greens with an in-depth look at data across the board, including financials, traceability, inventory and waste. The company is no longer in a data black hole and can make informed business decisions using information from the software.

Ability to expand facilities

CannaBusiness ERP’s multisite capabilities allowed Pure Greens to add a new greenhouse, more than doubling its total square footage. The company went from producing 1200 pounds of cannabis a year to over 8000 pounds a year after software implementation.

Scaling for the Future

With CannaBusiness ERP, Pure Greens has a consolidated view of all the moving parts of the organization, so the team can plan for what’s coming. As the business continues to expand, CannaBusiness ERP can retain efficiency while accommodating growth.

Ensuring Quality and Compliance

CannaBusiness ERP gives Pure Greens control over its data and processes, so it can adhere to strict regulations. With comprehensive traceability and recall functionality, CannaBusiness ERP provides Pure Greens with the tools it needs to remain compliant.

Understanding our inputs, what our costs and our outputs are, what works, what doesn’t – that’s where CannaBusiness ERP becomes a central conduit.
Sterling Stoudenmire
President and CEO, Pure Greens
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