CannaBusiness ERP 2022 R4 Release

CannaBusiness R4 Release 2022

CannaBusiness ERP is comprehensive cannabis business software that helps cannabis businesses efficiently manage their seed-to-sale processes and produce high-quality and regulatory compliant products. Built in Sage X3, CannaBusiness ERP is the single solution multi-state distribution and seed-to-sale operations can use to handle their manufacturing, finance, traceability, quality and compliance requirements, thus eliminating their reliance on multiple, unintegrated and ineffective systems.

Every year, CannaBusiness ERP supplies customers with four new releases, each one building upon the previous release. And every update and enhancement is based on customer requests and feedback.

Today, we’re pleased to reveal the details of this year’s final release: CannaBusiness ERP 2022 R4.

Improvements Brought by CannaBusiness ERP 2022 R4

As with CannaBusiness ERP 2022 R3, our latest release’s new features are designed to ease the pain points associated with running a complex business in a complicated industry—an industry with requirements that vary state-by-state and country by country. Needless to say, keeping on top of compliance standards is challenging, which is why CannaBusiness ERP’s cannabis business management software is such a powerful tool for cannabis businesses in today’s marketplace.

With this in mind, let’s review the features and functionalities our users can expect from CannaBusiness ERP 2022 R4.

Regulatory Enhancements

We continue to address the ongoing regulatory needs and requirements of our customers by expanding our regulatory footprint. In CannaBusiness 2022 R4, we’ve added support for the state of Washington. 

Many states mandate their licensees report using commercial software designed for government tracking. Washington is unique, as they have done the opposite: They moved from a commercial solution to one designed and released by the state. Their solution requires less data than a track and trace solution, lightening some of the operational burden associated with reporting. The Washington state solution shares many attributes with the CTLS solution used in Canada. However, the reporting frequency is daily rather than monthly. Capturing the data required for Washington can be challenging for ERP solutions that have not taken this regulation into consideration. A company may have to use non-ERP tools combined with manual processes in order to capture and update the state. That can be time-consuming and lead to errors. 

We took our experience with other government solutions and leveraged it to provide a simple, seamless solution for Washington. In CannaBusiness ERP 2022 R4, we have incorporated built-in tracking and recordkeeping based on these requirements. Once configured, reporting daily is as simple as generating the CSV files for your designated compliance team to load into the state portal.

Additionally, more general regulatory features found in CannaBusiness 2022 R4 focus on ease of use. For example, we’ve created a location import by license that helps expedite some of the initial configuration, which can help reduce the cost of implementation with business expansion. We’ve also added more controls around the harvest weighing process, and based on customer requests, provided the ability to collect additional data customers want to report on that may or may not relate to regulatory requirements.

Canadian Retain Functionality

We’ve added specific functionality regarding managing retained samples, which are mandated by Health Canada. Retain samples are samples taken from production at times specified by a business’ quality plan and maintained over a period of time. Though the process for physically pulling a sample is fairly simple, it can become more complicated and have a negative impact on the operations team if set up incorrectly in the ERP system. With CannaBusiness ERP 2022 R4, users now have a one-stop-shop that allows the team to easily create samples from existing sources—whether it’s existing inventory, a work order that’s in process or even from another sample—and issue or destroy expired retains.

A few other features include printing labels automatically or on demand, clear visibility into the retained samples, and retention date flexibility that includes manual edit capabilities. And the retain solution is fully integrated within our enhanced quality module, which allows businesses to quickly take a retained sample and move it into the quality cycle for analysis and testing. When complete, the team can record the results and consume the quantity used.

For Cultivators

A CannaBusiness 2022 R4 enhancement catering specifically to our cultivators is an enhanced fertigation process providing additional flexibility in the consumption of ingredients. If cultivators have multiple lots for an individual ingredient, they can now process it with less steps and less data entry.

Operational Features: Forecasting

A cannabis business is like any other business when it comes to operational efficiency, and in CannaBusiness ERP 2022 R4, we’ve introduced functionality to facilitate an effective forecasting and planning process. Forecasting requires demand history, which is data accumulated over time or imported from an external source. Our solution supports both methods, and customers are able to seamlessly transition from one to the other. However, demand history may contain one-time events or outliers that may skew a forecast. With CannaBusiness ERP 2022 R4, users can see and remove these events or outliers so that it doesn’t impact the forecast.

Another challenge is the introduction of a new product, which means there’s no data history. CannaBusiness ERP 2022 R4 has taken this concern into account and allows users to assign a product (a product already in the system) with history similar to the projected demand for the new product and use that data until the new product can accumulate its own data.

For forecasting, we provide a choice of calculation methods, options for introducing or providing market intelligence into the forecast and a graphical view of the resulting forecast. Cannabis businesses can also work with their forecast in multiple ways, including working with an individual SKU or a group of products—all before committing to the forecast. Once forecasting is set up, businesses can review and commit to it, and once committed, the forecast feeds into the businesses’ planning systems.

End 2022 on a High Note

We want our customers to end 2022 on a high note, and the new features and functionalities provided by CannaBusiness ERP 2022 R4 will help them do just that.

For those cannabis businesses that have yet to implement cannabis business software, now is the time.

Learn how CannaBusiness ERP can set your business on the right path. Manage your financials, operations, quality, compliance, traceability, customers and more. CannaBusiness ERP is software that is purpose-built for the cannabis industry. Our specialization in developing solutions for the cannabis cultivation and processing industry has resulted in some of the most respected companies around the world managing their day-to-day operations using CannaBusiness ERP.

To learn more about our software and team of industry experts, reach out to us. We’d love to show you what CannaBusiness ERP can do for your business.  

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