Introducing The Newest Release of CannaBusiness ERP

As the cannabis industry continues to mature, and as legalization expands, the need for strong quality control and compliance processes increases. Cannabis businesses need the right tools in place to be able to navigate regulatory standards and compliance and to ensure the highest possible product quality.

With our newest release of CannaBusiness ERP, we’ve introduced features designed to meet these needs. With the new release, you’ll be able to access even more cannabis-specific functionality to help your business optimize operations and be set up for further growth. Built in Sage X3, CannaBusiness ERP is cannabis business software that is purpose-built for the cannabis industry.

Let’s take a look at some of the newest features on CannaBusiness ERP.

Enhanced Quality and Compliance Features

Efficient quality management processes are critical to the success of a cannabis business, especially given complex regulation and compliance standards. CannaBusiness ERP has several robust quality management features, and, with the latest release, we’re adding additional quality, audit and security capabilities that further support compliance requirements and standards.

The latest release of CannaBusiness ERP now has capabilities to group stock audits by lot, product or document, which reduces the data entry required to capture essential quality and test results. We’ve also made enhancements to stock management to automatically disposition inventory based on audit results. And we have provided additional flexibility in controlling when a production batch is communicated to the regulatory systems. With the addition of compliance integrations for Maine, Ohio, and Maryland, CannaBusiness ERP continues to be a cannabis business software leader for navigating and complying with regulatory landscapes. CannaBusiness ERP helps manage compliance efforts by integrating with numerous regulatory systems.  It works in the background to capture transactions and communicates to the regulatory system in real-time via published APIs. If your region does not have a specific regulatory system, CannaBusiness ERP provides a robust monthly reporting capability to summarize all regulated product activity.      

Additional Production Capabilities

Cannabis companies often encounter the same production challenges as those in manufacturing such as food and beverage companies. When the unique aspects of cannabis processing call for more, CannaBusiness ERP is there.  Manufacturing edibles and infused products in a controlled, fully traceable manner along with timely regulatory reporting is a must, and CannaBusiness ERP delivers.

CannaBusiness ERP now has a production batch feature designed to improve operations, optimize production, and decrease overhead. With the newest CannaBusiness ERP release, production departments can break up processing into smaller batches.  This allows production managers to right-size production activity to match equipment capacity while minimizing the number of work orders used to manage the process. With the addition of this feature, you can quickly and successfully manage production without affecting quality or quantity.

Improved Process Flows and User Experience

To be able to compete in emerging markets, cannabis companies need the ability to quickly adapt to changing conditions and outpace competitors. A thriving cannabis company should not have to worry that its software can keep up with growth, be modified to incorporate different product offerings or meet expansion needs.

With an enhanced interface and industry-focused process maps, CannaBusiness ERP is easier than ever to navigate and has additional capabilities designed to improve processes and user experience. Despite well-defined practices, data mistakes will inevitably happen, and we’ve added functionality to address this. With the new CannaBusiness ERP release, we’ve extended our reversal capabilities to include undoing a crop activity or harvest activity reporting, which allows corrections to easily be made and data integrity to remain strong.

Why Choose CannaBusiness ERP

CannaBusiness ERP is modern Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software built for the cannabis cultivation and processing industry. It comes with all the functionality required to keep up with evolving industry standards and opportunities. Built in Sage X3, CannaBusiness ERP was developed from years of industry experience incorporating best practices from cannabis companies and industry leaders across North America. It is a single system that runs your entire business through quality, compliance, traceability, manufacturing and finance. 

To learn more about the latest version of CannaBusiness ERP, reach out to us. We’d love to chat. 

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