Addressing Challenges in the Edibles and Infused Products Industry with ERP Software

edibles and infused products

The cannabis-infused product market is unique in many ways. It’s different than the traditional cannabis market in that a large portion of this growing market is made up of consumers who are looking to try cannabis products for the first time. In fact, 93% of those favoring cannabis decriminalization are open to trying an edible product. These consumers are attracted to the experience and familiarity of an infused product because they see it as safe, discrete and health promoting.  

The industry is also unique in that manufacturers have an incredible amount of control over this consumer experience because products are ingested. For example, manufacturers of infused tea that is developed to help consumers relax have control over the ingredients being ingested – the cannabis and carriers in the tea – and the way it is being consumed – as a hot, soothing beverage. This gives the manufacturer the opportunity to impact the overall consumer experience through both the food side of things – the tea – and the cannabis side of things.  

But with this control comes great responsibility in terms of ensuring the quality and consistency of infused products. In a recent webcast on Best Practices in Edibles and Cannabis-Infused Product Manufacturing, our cannabis and technology experts discussed some of the unique challenges faced by manufacturers in the cannabis-infused industry. They also looked at the ways integrated software that merges food-specific functionality with cannabis-specific features gives cannabis manufacturers the control and visibility they need to be successful.  

Unique Challenges with Edibles and Infused Products 

The control and creativity cannabis edibles manufacturers enjoy comes with its own fair share of challenges, too. Because dealing with edibles and infused products is not the same as dealing with a straight cannabis, food or pharmaceutical product, but a combination of all three, it means that manufacturing these products comes with its own set of challenges. 

These challenges include: 

  • Overconsumption concerns 
  • Taste, odor and mouthfeel
  • Bioavailability and onset times 
  • Overlap with food and beverage regulations 
  • Keeping production on track 
  • Reacting to supply chain challenges 
  • Managing cash flow, financials and planning 

To learn more about each of these challenges and how manufacturers are working to address them, watch our on-demand webcast

How Software Can Help 

True Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software manages your entire business including operations, purchasing, sales, manufacturing, inventory, compliance and more. It ties all the data from all these departments back to your financials, providing you with the visibility you need to understand how one area of your business is affecting others.  

A single system to manage your business including finance and operations, seed-to-sale, compliance, quality and traceability.

CannaBusiness ERP is an industry-specific ERP solution that comes equipped with features such as quality management, production sequencing and recall management to help you run a more profitable and successful cannabis-infused product business.  

To learn more about how CannaBusiness ERP software can help your company address the unique challenges inherent in cannabis-infused manufacturing, take a look at our on-demand webcast on Best Practices in Edibles and Cannabis-Infused Product Manufacturing. For more information on how ERP software like CannaBusiness ERP can help improve data visibility, manage costs and increase profits, download our Cannabis-Infused Manufacturer’s Guide to Integrated Software or reach out to us. We’d love to chat. 

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