How Hemp Producers Can Ensure Compliance

ensuring hemp production compliance

As a hemp producer, it’s critical that you stay up-to-date on compliance standards and regulations. But this is no easy feat.

For the first time since 2014, when the 2014 Farm Bill legalized hemp in the U.S., hemp production acreage decreased by 9% across the country. This decrease is largely a result of regulatory uncertainty.

But while licensed acreage decreased, the number of licensed growers in the U.S. continued to increase by more than 27%. Many of the most successful growers turn to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to help manage governance and regulatory compliance.

Ensuring Hemp Production Compliance with Industry-Specific Software

The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 amended the Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946 and established new rules and regulations to produce hemp throughout the U.S. This interim rule to the 2018 Farm Bill was put forward to help expand production and sales of domestic hemp, benefiting both U.S. producers and consumers. 

All hemp producers in the U.S. must meet strict regulatory requirements. These include:

  • Maintaining information on the land where the hemp is produced
  • Procedures for testing the THC concentration levels for hemp
  • Procedures for disposing of non-compliant plants
  • Compliance provisions, including annual inspections
  • Procedures for handling violations

Thankfully, there’s industry-specific software to help ensure hemp production compliance amidst changing regulatory rules, bills and standards. ERP built for the cannabis cultivation and processing industry helps producers comply with the most demanding federal and state-specific compliance requirements. 

An ERP system manages all of your data, processes and departments in one system, which helps track your operations from start to finish. With real-time access to production, sales, inventory, finance and supplier information, you can ensure you’re remaining compliant and adhering to various rules and regulations.

ERP for the cannabis industry:

  • Requires little customization and includes the most commonly used features developed for leading cannabis cultivators and processors 
  • Tracks hemp activity from growth to sale and everything in between 
  • Manages end-to-end traceability and ensures a recall can be performed at a moment’s notice
  • Helps streamline business processes including inventory, finance and distribution

CannaBusiness ERP is purpose-built for the cannabis industry and includes features and functionality to help hemp producers grow. Built on Sage X3, it is a single system designed to manage your entire business, including finance and operations, seed-to-sale, compliance, quality and traceability. For hemp growers looking to ensure compliance and grow their businesses, our team of cannabis technology experts are here to help. We have extensive experience implementing solutions for the cannabis industry. To learn more about CannaBusiness ERP, reach out to us. We’d love to chat.

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