Introducing CannaBusiness ERP Essentials, Software for Growing Cannabis Companies

If you’re part of a growing cannabis company, you understand the complexities of running a successful cultivation, processing or manufacturing business. Between ensuring compliance, addressing GMP standards, managing financials and guaranteeing seed-to-sale traceability, you know that in order to take your company to the next level, you need to be able to streamline your operations and optimize your entire business.

CannaBusiness ERP Essentials

Unfortunately, growing cannabis companies have limited options when it comes to industry-specific software to support their business needs. Basic entry-level systems that exist solely for compliance reporting or accounting don’t scale well and quickly create data silos as a business starts to grow. As the volume of transactions and subsequent activities becomes more than a company can handle, administrative tasks tend to start bogging down operations because current processes can’t scale. On top of this, as growing companies begin finding themselves in deals with larger competitors, it becomes critical to have full insight and visibility into important data and key metrics.

To address these challenges, CannaBusiness ERP is excited to announce the launch of Essentials, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for our growing cannabis customers. This pre-packaged solution built on our market-leading ERP for cannabis cultivators, processors and manufacturers of edibles and infused beverages is designed for growing cannabis companies looking to implement an integrated business software package for the first time.

Built to Help You Grow

CannaBusiness ERP Essentials offers a painless transition to industry-grade cloud ERP in an affordable way and reduces the risks, costs and business disruptions associated with large-scale ERP implementations. It is designed specifically for growing cannabis companies looking to streamline their operations.

The solution includes the core elements required for launching an ERP project at a single location; it also provides an easy upgrade path to scale up to additional locations if needed in the future.

By removing the hurdles that traditional ERP solutions pose, Essentials provides growing cannabis companies with a quicker and easier way to get started with ERP. Unlike smaller, non-scalable entry-level systems, Essentials gives customers visibility into their inventory, providing them with insight into when to order materials and how much to order. The solution also provides customers with the ability to mitigate cashflow issues by controlling extra inventory costs and managing risk.

Introducing CannaBusiness ERP Essentials, Software for Growing Cannabis Companies

Customers using Essentials can track their production, inventory, sales, finance and quality processes from a single platform, as well as:

  • Streamline financial and operational management
  • Manage quality and safety standards including GMP, US State/Health Canada reporting
  • Increase inventory accuracy and provide insight into actual costs

Essentials also comes equipped with online help tools, prebuilt dashboards and financial reports, end user guides and templates and configuration training to help guide users through the software.

CannaBusiness ERP Essentials is built by cannabis experts with years of industry knowledge. We’ve incorporated features and best practices from top growers and industry leaders to create a solution for new cannabis organizations looking for a better way to grow their business. To learn more about Essentials and how it can work for your company, download our eBook or reach out to us. We’d love to chat.

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