Navigating Industry Unpredictability with CannaBusiness ERP 2023 R1

navigating compliance in cannabis with CannaBusiness ERP

The cannabis industry is constantly in flux. Just as cultivators and processors get a handle on one set of rules or requirements, regulators make a sudden change to state-specific mandates and cannabis operators are left scrambling to ensure compliance.

A recent example is the changes made to the plant destroy API and required data for states using track-and-trace solution Metrc. Cannabis companies in these states had to quickly shift the way they entered data into their operating systems to adhere to new developments. As a result, many operators were forced to enter plant destroy data twice – intro Metrc and into their operating systems – to keep both solutions synchronized until the problem was rectified by integrators or software providers. While these changes were Metrc-wide and affected all users utilizing the regulatory system, there were discrepancies in how much notification integrators received ahead of time (the majority receiving zero).

Fortunately, cannabis-specific solutions and industry partners are here to help. No cultivator or processor should have to navigate the unpredictability of the cannabis industry alone, which is why we at CannaBusiness ERP are excited to announce our newest software release, CannaBusiness ERP 2023 R1. In it, we’ve developed features that help those Metrc states adhere to recent compliance changes among other notable system and usability enhancements that we’ll discuss below.

If you’re a cannabis operator struggling to manage financials, operate legally across regions, ensure end-to-end traceability and manage your supply chain, CannaBusiness ERP can help. Read about our newest release enhancements below or reach out to us for a free consultation. We’d love to chat.

Responding to Changes in Compliance

CannaBusiness ERP is backed by decades of experience in the cannabis industry. Our team members are ex-cultivators, processors and cannabis operators, which means we better understand your business and what it takes to compete. As such, our development team is in tune with industry changes and advancements, and they work hard to create new software functionality and features that reflect this.

For our Metrc customers, functionality in the newest release of CannaBusiness ERP helps ensure that users are able to collect the additional data necessary to remain compliant. We’ve configured our software UI to capture additional data regarding plant destruction and streamlined the way this data flows into the Metrc system.

On top of this, CannaBusiness ERP 2023 R1 contains additional functionality built specifically for our customers in Washington who must now utilize the state’s Cannabis Central Reporting System (CCRS) for compliance reporting. We first introduced CCRS functionality in our last release and have since added capabilities that allow users to load CCRS test data back into CannaBusiness ERP to automate quality processes including releasing associated inventory from quarantine if approved.

Built to Help You Grow

Our job at CannaBusiness ERP is to help streamline your operations so you can focus on business growth. In our newest release, Scan and Pack functionality allows users to optimize their scanning and shipping processes with barcode technology to automatically populate boxes based on lot number, product and a unique package ID. With CannaBusiness ERP, users can use Stock Conversion functionality to convert products into different products within the system, and then put those converted products into a new container or split into a new container with the same product. From there, packages with the converted products can be made using Scan and Pack functionality.

We’ve also created functionality around Package Reconciliation, which allows users to compare stock levels in CannaBusiness ERP’s Cultivation module with packages in their regulatory system. If discrepancies exist between systems, users can update the data in either system so the quantities match. On top of this, when calculating stock, CannaBusiness ERP’s Regulatory integration will take into account any queued or pending transactions. Users can also print a count report, which can be used to perform a physical count to pinpoint where the discrepancies are.

Enhanced Usability for More Control

To take your business to the next level, you need software that accelerates and automates tasks. Our CannaBusiness ERP technology experts have added even more features to help customers stay competitive amid changing industry requirements and unpredictability, including:


Royalties are typically paid due to trademarks, ownership, branding (and more) for certain products a business sells. CannaBusiness ERP 2023 R1 supports royalty processing by providing a flexible framework that is integrated with the fulfillment process for real-time tracking. It provides options for how users manage the benefit from an accounting perspective, as well as how to reimburse a supplier or licensor.

In CannaBusiness ERP 2023 R1, users address paying a royalty to an external party based on sales. Depending on how the business sets up the royalty program, royalties can be paid by:

  • A fixed price per unit
  • A percent based on gross or net price

The royalty program lets users track royalties through the sales, delivery and invoice process while also allowing them to define the payment period (e.g., monthly, quarterly, etc.).

Work in Progress Audits/Groups

For cannabis operators, quality management is of critical importance. This is why we continue to build functionality addressing quality audits in our new releases. We’re excited to introduce Work in Progress (WIP) audits, which are designed to automate and collate WIP production testing done by different departments, with varying objectives – including equipment monitoring, environmental control or product characteristics – and at various frequencies. With this functionality, users get the insight, visibility and control they need to monitor WIP proactively before a batch is finished and may be unusable.

On top of this, CannaBusiness ERP 2023 R1 introduces a new feature called Audit Groups, which are designed to provide quality teams with the flexibility they require during production. Audit Groups are a collection of checklists or parameters that allow for multiple audits or even multiple occurrences of a single audit within that specific audit group. These Audit Groups can be created for individual work orders or jobs and help streamline quality data collection and overall quality visibility.

As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, cultivators and processors must be prepared for continued unpredictability. At CannaBusiness ERP, we’re dedicated to our customers and their continued success. To learn more about how CannaBusiness ERP can help your business navigate industry changes, remain compliant and grow, reach out to us. We’d love to show you what CannaBusiness ERP can do.

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